About Us

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About Us

Our company was established in 1999 in Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul; It is an enterprise that serves important companies of the textile industry in a closed area of 3,000 square meters. Our founder, Muhammet Kılıç, has started to manufacture products that appeal to all areas of the textile industry by combining his experience and knowledge gained over many years in the textile industry with a team specialized in new technology and manufacturing.

It is one of our primary goals that the products we produce achieve the quality that will create customer satisfaction and continuity. We want to serve you, our valued customers, in the best possible way. We invite you to develop and grow with us and to produce better and higher quality products. Our monthly production capacity is 50,000 products.

Our Values…

Our Vision

In the Textile Industry;
To maintain its leadership by becoming a leader in the world market,
To make the regions we operate in the center of the textile industry,
To keep our understanding of quality in European norms.
To expand the country network we export to.
To maximize our country, sector and brand goals.

Our Mission

It can be developed and added value by adopting the principles of sustainability, work and health, by being designed for use in facilities with integrated and modern technology.

Assess customers, employees and employees at the highest level.

Contributing to the textile industry.
To bring to the customer on delivery and with the product to be produced.
To realize its employees and activities, continuous innovations, development and realization.

Customer Focus

“Win win”

Our customers are our most important supporters who ensure the continuity of our work that we have been carrying out for years with an understanding of quality and trust. Not to lose our team spirit, our business environment, which operates with an understanding of quality and trust; In order to preserve our company culture, which we have established in the light of our experience, we consider it our first duty to please our customers who think like us and support us.


“Our business!”

Kılıç Tekstil uses the resources of its company and its customers carefully and effectively while fulfilling the requirements of its business. It guarantees the quality of the service provided with the added value it provides in all its processes.

Team Work


We design our interaction with our employees, customers and every institution we communicate with while providing our services, within harmonious and remedial processes. We do not forget that we are important parts of a whole for the work done to be the best.


“We are ahead!”

We follow the sector’s requirements in the best way, and we strive to do our job better all the time. We are the leader of the field we serve with our experience of more than 23 years, our outward perspective and future strategies.


“We are aware!”

We aim to follow and adapt to the changes taking place in the outside world, to be open to different understandings by getting rid of the habits that need to be changed, to try to see beyond the existing systems and to exist in the future by changing the world with ourselves.


“Respect yourself and your stakeholders!”

We respect the different ideas and opinions of the units involved in all activities while performing our services.


“Don’t forget your goals!”

While doing our job, we believe that working towards the goal is necessary to reach the goals. We use all our energies and resources most effectively on the way to the goal.

Accept The Law

Kılıç Tekstil acts in accordance with the laws and regulations on all matters within its field of activity, as well as the policies and working principles published by the Company’s Board of Directors.

Quality Management

For Kılıç Tekstil, ensuring the full satisfaction of our internal and external customers, observing the highest moral values in all decisions and relations, constantly reviewing and improving every…

Discipline Regulation

Kılıç Tekstil applies a disciplinary regulation for those who act in violation of the employment contract and company regulations, do not perform their professional duties, or do not behave in…

Health & Safety

We aim to prioritize the health and safety of our employees, who add value to our business with their efforts and efforts, and that people are at the center of the era of development…